Mientras tú duermes tranquilo

Raúl Cuevas

Alone with his guitar, Espaldamaceta sings while walking backwards through a corridor between closed doors. Comes out of the darkness to come back to it. All his movement is reduced to a straight line along a corridor of an apartment block with natural lighting spotlights in this domestic scene.

While you sleep calm was done in one shot, without cuts. Sequence shot moving to the rhythm of the song. Raul Cuevas has happened to intuited when he went through the space, a corridor of the building in Salou, where the singer lives, but Espaldamaceta did not want to annoy the neighbors with the music. He finally decided and was recorded as an alternative version to the song of the video. However, this 'do not disturb' permeates the entire performance. This alternative version, "in documentary plan" is a unique take enriched by the direct sound, without any subsequent arrangement, and a location that perfectly illustrates the words of the theme that runs doors closed, unhappy beings locked in their homes ...


So simple, but with that simplicity Raul Cuevas manages to generate the perfect ambience for a lullaby sung with a guitar. The camera follows the bust of the singer, walking the same pace and this dance without swinging, is the one who leads the song. Any type of editing would be an obstacle, any look the other way an oversight, centered in the sound, almost hypnotized, the viewer sees a figure emerge from a murky depth to accompany Juan Gonzalez, alias Espaldamaceta through the light to a natural black fade on the singer's face, a deep sleep. Passing in front of people's houses with his nana, purges their margins as a soothing breeze. Through this small alteration of the small space, intimate and defined, gives the feeling that calm reigns on the other side of closed doors.


Technical datasheet

  • Title: Mientras tú duermes tranquilo
  • Direction: Raúl Cuevas
  • Production: Raúl Cuevas. 2009.
  • Duration: 00:01:34
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Original format: Mini DV
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright