Precarias a la Deriva: a la Deriva por los Circuitos de la Precariedad

Precarias a la deriva

All the work involved in travelling and following the precarious workers’  itineraries is portrayed in this video: adrift through the circuits of feminised precarious labour, where the name of the collective blends in with the title of the piece, with a double effect: at the same time as it dilutes the research’s authorship (which is a truly choral, polyphonic one, knit together by many women), it highlights that precariousness is a mode of contemporary existence more than it is an adjective of labour. The video is woven together like a tapestry of stories, articles, interviews and conceptualisations that theorise on what the dérives begin to make visible. The project is based in the city of Madrid.

The work of Precarias a la deriva insists on mapping female precariousness in order to identify forms of political action. Against the privatisation of care work, a whole repertory of practices opens up: against the security-oriented and criminalising discourses of both the left and the right, we have to thematise security as a collective good, they proclaim. Another objective of theirs is to produce spaces for gatherings, against the fragmentation and solitude of lives broken by flexibility and desperation: This implies constructing and maintaining alliances. This impulse has been consolidated by the opening of “Azien”, an agency for precarious affairs. In this sense, Precarias a la deriva maintain that the work of public visibilisation and enunciation becomes crucial for the problematisation of precariousness and its connection with gender and care work.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Precarias a la Deriva: a la Deriva por los Circuitos de la Precariedad
  • Direction: Precarias a la deriva
  • Production: Precarias a la Deriva. 2004.
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    Llicència: Creative Commons

  • Duration: 00:50:30
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Original format: Mini DV
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
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