Revolución Humilde para una Pantalla Pública

Marta De Gonzalo | Publio Pérez Prieto

“Show yourself consciously vulnerable. Educate your children within one line of thought only, prevent them from being nor consumerists nor communists. Trust a work colleague, a neighbour or a foreigner. Think from inside your semi-attached: if you have done as told, why do you feel so insecure? Think from within suburbia: why are you made to desire what you will never be able to acquire? Try to understand the world as capable of always being rethought and modified.

Imagine yourself fearless.”

The sentences that Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto throw at us from the electronic screen (sentences that, at the same time, are dissolved within a canvas of clouds), like artistic mottoes, declare or admit that one of the sides is right, putting the other side in the position of having to go by that declaration and carry it out. These are simple propositions that ask for a relatively quick and drastic change not only in the contents of the messages mediated by consumption and anxiety, but also in the attitude of the viewers. One only common direction in a seemingly saturated world of options.

In all of these sentences we can identify with concepts such as vulnerability, trust, non-consumerism, non-competition, insecurity and impossible desires that we constantly suffer in this society, in our everyday routine, but that, as we recognise ourselves in this social identity, we can, if we manage to loose our fear, relativise and modify. At bottom, what Marta de Gonzalo and Publio Pérez Prieto are trying to make the viewer understand is that we are our own will, and our conditioning is nothing else than a layer inbetween what we are, what we want to be, what they want us to be and what we can be.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Revolución Humilde para una Pantalla Pública
  • Direction: Marta De Gonzalo - Publio Pérez Prieto
  • Production: 2003.
  • Duration: 00:01:20
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Original format: DV-Cam
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright