Hangar Obert 2023: THE END OF SUMMER

Sept. 14, 2023

Hamaca screening program at Hangar Obert, the 14th, 15th and 16th of September. 

Hangar Obert, three days in which this research and artistic production center will open its doors to the public, offers a program of site visits, performances, screenings and a festive program. Hamaca participates in the program of projections of the Ricson room with THE END OF SUMMER, a review of some of the most fulminating events of the vacations and the successive incorporation to work. A post-canicular itinerary on the impact of tourism in climatic and decolonial key, soccer and abuse of power or precariousness to the cultural sector. It includes the works:

  • Amnesia colonial, by Claudia Claremi (2020), an archive of videos made by tourists in Cuba that exhibit common vacation practices on the island. It gathers the stereotypical look established on the fiction of tropical paradise, exoticization and colonial forgetfulness, portraying social spaces in which a re-actualized and alive colonial order is manifested.
  • Los mejores, by Venga Monjas (2009). The scene of children playing soccer does not anticipate the tension provoked by the disturbing call of a man in a suit. The conversation progresses but does not make sense and the weight of the silences provokes a growing anguish between the two interlocutors: a boy who likes soccer and a man who loves to dance.
  • Nada que ganar, nada que perder, by SomosNosotros (2015) makes us participants in an interview that analyzes the figure of the emerging artist within the state context in an intentionally fictitious scenario: a Caribbean beach that does not disguise its false character and that works as a backdrop for the denunciation of the precariousness of the cultural sector. 
  • Half Wet, by Carlos Irijalba (2021). In a dystopian future on the Mexican coast of Oaxaca, due to global warming the PH levels of the oceans have acidified making them uninhabitable for humans, so maritime tourism has disappeared for generations and only the indigenous language is spoken. 
  • Minesota 1943, by Toni Serra/Abu Ali (1995). In 1943, the University of Minnesota conducted a psychological test on behalf of the U.S. Army to select a new staff of officers. This formula, loaded with violence and coercion, has been extended and incorporated into the vast majority of private companies today, and it is this pressure that shapes the workforce of today.


When:  14, 15 i 16 de setembre 2023 | en loop de 11a 14h / 16 a 18h
Where: Sala Ricson d'Hangar | c/Emília Coranty, 16, 08018 Barcelona