HAMACA works towards the permanent presence of video on medium and large screens, promoting its introduction into these contexts of encounter and joining moments to show the latest audiovisual production in festivals, independent spaces for contemporary creation, museums, and cultural institutions.

Since 2010 the platform organizes regular cycles of screenings, public instances fostering to show and activate the works of the archive: from thematic or curated screenings; representative pieces of the experimental video History in Spain; the latest productions of artists in HAMACA's catalogue; to pieces of emergent artists. Screenings are sometimes combined with education programs or workshops. 

HAMACA Screens (HAMACA Proyecta) is a space for broadcasting the latest productions included in the archive. It fosters a representative cycle of the medium and facilitates the adaption of the video on large screens. This program also pretends to attract new audiences by experimenting with dynamic presentations, incorporating shows and performances of artists to a more integral proposal of contemporary creation through video.

Finally, we have enabled a permanent online screening space on the website, Pantalla HAMACA, a digital screening itinerary that combines video and text. Each program is curated by a guest collective, artist, activist, or researcher, approaching an urgent social matter with the latest incorporations in the catalog.