April 29, 2022

After the deliberation of the jury formed by Andrés Duque, Pablo Martínez and Marta Sesé, 31 has been selected out of 341 submissions. The selected videos will be catalogued, disseminated and distributed nationally and internationally by Hamaca on a non-exclusive basis, and may form part of projection, research or training programs.


The jury makes the following evaluation of the selection:

After viewing more than three hundred pieces, the jury has selected works of high artistic value and that offer a wide spectrum of proposals that help us understand and reflect on the state audiovisual artistic production. Among the body of entries of 2022, the concern for historical memory, registration and personal archives, as well as the predominance of narrative subjectivity, anthropological approaches and visibilization of dissident identities stand out; interests and concerns about the peremptory nature of life, interspecies relations, belonging, sexual dissidence, the vindication of analogical formats, which as a whole display an excellent sample of our present. 


The videos are available at